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Around the world water is a most valuable resource, especially in Saudi Arabia. Delta’s clients have the need to conserve resources and a means to achieving less consumption is to use our soil measuring meters to analyse the amount of water usage. Delta also offers services for compaction testing on soccer fields around the Kingdom.

For over 22 years, we have remained focused on one primary objective: improving the profitability and efficiency of our customers. We recognize the challenges you face: the high costs of fertilizer and other crop inputs, scarce water resources, plant disease, insect damage, and more.


Our broad range of solutions originated by listening to our customers, who include some of the world’s leading researchers, growers, and consultants. Our distributors, a select group of the industry’s leading suppliers, enhance our solutions by providing expert advice and access to our complete product line in over 80 countries around the world. As a world leader in plant measurement technology, you can count on us for the field measurement tools you need, today and tomorrow.

Field Scout TDR 100 Soil Moisture Sensor
Manage water responsibly and reduce operating expenses
The TDR 100 is the ideal tool for quick, reliable, and convenient measurement. On your sports grass, the TDR 100 will provide the results you want.
Based on the proven time-domain measurement technology, the portable TDR 100 accurately measures soil moisture across the full range of soil moisture conditions. Select from the 1.5in, 3in, 4.8in, or 8 in (3.8cm, 7.5cm, 12cm or 20cm) probe rods to suit your measurement depth. (Order rods according to the depth you want separately)

The LCD interface provides two modes: volumetric water content and relative water content (irrigation management) mode.
Hand-held design allows for easy transportation and storage. Measures in less than one second.
Instantaneous readings of root zone soil moisture
TDR 100 meter includes hard-sided carrying case.

6120 Soil Compaction Meter

Make our super affordable analogue penetrometer your first line of defence against soil compaction.
Soil Compaction meters (often called penetrometers) are used to determine the density of soil and other material. An operator pushes a rod with attached (ASAE standard) cone into the ground. The resistance of the cone is displayed as it is pushed in the ground. Unseen soil compaction can limit root growth and water and nutrient absorption. This compaction meter enables you to identify compacted areas in pounds per square inch so that you can use deep tillage or other practices recommended for your area based on Shard facts. 24 in stainless steel rod with adjustable shock collar to prevent damage to the gauge during transport or storage .

Easy to read, color-coded, stainless steel dial that is liquid filled to reduce shock Durable moulded housing with rubber grip handles Large and small tip included with convenient storage in tester housing

Penetration Depth: Up to 24 in (60 cm) in 3 in (7.6 cm) increments

TDR100 6120Analog